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Freda, Homecoming 1
Freda, Homecoming 1
mixed media
8 x 10 inches

Upon returning to New Orleans, I was devastated by the death of a friend, but was inspired by his life and dedication to New Orleans. I used that inspiration to create a new body of work Homecoming, which reflect the realization of love and lost in New Orleans due to the devastation of the hurricanes.

I use photographic techniques to capture my personal connection to New Orleans and the people of the lower-ninth ward who lost their homes. The lower-ninth ward is one of the oldest African-American communities. Home ownership is past down through generations making it a neighborhood based on tradition and rooted in culture and heritage. In the city of New Orleans, the ward or part of town, which you were from, has much to do with your identity. For many people, a loss of one’s home can be perceived as a major loss of one’s identity.

Homecoming is about the relationship of people and their conceptual connection to land, property and community. I photographed people in front of their blighted homes in an attempt to capture emotions during the time in which the image was recorded. To build upon my conceptual ideas, I separated the image into layers and recreated the composition. The abstracted silhouettes represent the generalization of people by the media and the photographed image represent a perceptive reality. Together there is a dialogue and deep connection between the subconscious and conscious gaze that exemplify hope.