Christine Domingue Bagneris

My work investigates the construction of our utopian and dystopian visions of ourselves; it questions how what we see mirrored in others changes our self perception, and it underlines the paradigms in society that label woman and present a static role of identity.

The work is about confronting the viewer with my experiences – as the "other". Utilizing psychoanalysis and feminist theories of representation, I am concerned with marking the limits of the image in the political field of the "other". I take as truth the link between the image and the subconscious, that what one can see is in every way related to what one can feel.

My work develops the research done on race and feminism by previous artist and theoreticians, and presents depth that goes beyond topicality; I point to the mixture of cultures that sometimes blend, sometimes fragments but always re-define the way we understand the self.