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Sister, Interpersonal Gaze
Sister, Interpersonal Gaze
mixed media
33 x 48 inches

Interpersonal Gaze is an investigation into the subconscious behavior of a self-gaze told through a series of identity labels. It involves the study of perception documented through photographs taken by myself as both the object of the gaze and the viewer. This dialogue references the “abject”, the relationship between “I” and the “other”. In this case, both “I” and the “other” refers to the same. However, with each new label, the perception shifts. Capturing these particular moments of the “double conscious”, the information is transferred conceptually through the language of mixed media. In deconstructing each photograph, the pieces in this series become three in one. The background is a college of a repeating lotus, representing femininity, purity of the body, speech, and mind. The portrait’s original silhouette represents the static role of identity, juxtaposed with the distorted interlaying of the image representing the unconscious. Viewing the layers together gives the impression of a second portrait, representing a manifestation of an organic self.