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Between Gazes series embodies the language of printmaking by the use of layered imagery in a video format. Exchange incorporates both Plexiglas and video as equal parts of its installation: two groups of four strangers facing and speaking to each other. The dynamics of these groups are that two are from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds; one being black and identifies with “Hip Hop”; and the other is white and identifies with “Goth”. The other group is from Europe, but one was raised in London and the other in Poland. The dynamic is very important to these performances. I recorded the groups as they conversed with one another for the first time. My attempt is to capture the subconscious behavior that happens between two people. This idea relates to Segment Freud’s theory of the subconscious mind; how you behave subconsciously, reflect your true feelings. My body of work is about documenting the intangible, the subconscious behavior of people. The Plexiglas represents the intangible gaze as it is a barrier or armor that perhaps protects the strangers as they interact, or hinders their motives as they are unable to relate to one another. Subliminal is a video performance I did in response to a desire to view my own reaction to a camera with no one in the room but myself. This video was done in many layers. The first layer is footage of a smoke stack near my home. It was filmed during a snowstorm and the wind was moving sharply to the left and made for an interesting visual effect; it incorporates subtle movement in the video. The second two layers are of me speaking with an image of one of my intaglio prints projected onto me in front of the screen with footage of the smoke behind, and the forth layer being sound. In editing, I reversed the audio and imagery. As with all my performances, what is being said is irrelevant. The final video has been said to have an uncomfortable sound component. This particular installation is more about the subconscious. I am interested in the viewer’s reaction to the adverse imagery and sound.