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Paul, Shifts in Perception
Paul, Shifts in Perception
organza, crepe de chine
36 x 36 inches

Shifts in Perception series, documents my relationship as mother, self, wife, or friend to an “other”. This concept attempts to show my physical and subconscious attitude toward each individual, as well as an indication of how I may feel about myself. This series is the first of my work to incorporate the image-taker, as a translucent layer over lapping the image taken of me. Less translucent, the second layer offers the viewer a glimpse of the two subjects simultaneously. The subconscious mood and attitude is indicated within the juxtaposition of each relationship. I reference Adrian Piper’s philosophical writings The Three Hats. Also Chuck Close’s portraits as he identifies with his subjects, and Freda Kahlo’s painting of family and friend as she connects with her subjects on a deeper spiritual level.