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Clifford, Kristina In Blue
Clifford, Kristina In Blue
mixed media
24 x 32 inches

Inspired by a friend’s love for Jazz, the Kristina In Blue Series evokes the viewer’s participation while connecting the musician’s spiritual link to their passion for Jazz.

During conversations with this friend, I could see the enthusiasm she has for Jazz. Highly passionate, articulate and generous, I wanted to capture those feelings of excitement by interconnecting my interpretation of the musician’s sensibility to his work and the listener’s understanding of that relationship. These non-tangible moments between the person and the subject are depicted as a visual romance on canvas.

This mixed-media series include themes of Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Clifford Brown, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Christian Scott, and John Coltrane, musicians I truly respect and love.

Commissioned by Kristina Wilcox.